Corporal Zach McCormack

It was with profound sadness that we said goodbye to one of our 2nd Year Electrical apprentices on December 30, 2009. Zach came to work for Muth Electrical Management Inc. on September 4, 2007. He was young and full of drive to learn the trade and be successful.

Zach joined the military in 2006 with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment 4PPCLI, and in 2008 he enlisted to serve overseas. Zach’s belief in freedom prompted him to take a leave from work to serve his country and protect the freedom of those oppressed in Afghanistan. In January 2009, he began his training, followed by deployment overseas last October. He planned to return to Edmonton, finish his electrical apprenticeship, and marry his fiancée. Tragically this plan will never be realized. Zach was killed in action along with 3 other soldiers and a Canadian journalist, by a roadside explosion.

Zach will be remembered for his smile and kind words. He would stop by with Tim Horton’s coffee and a story. When asked, “Why are you going?”, he pointed to his heart and answered, “Human beings need our help.” This was Zach, always willing to help. During a tight work deadline at a project in Fort McMurray there was a need for 3 employees to commit to 2 weeks out of town. Zach not only committed himself, but he convinced 2 more employees to go as well. Outside of work Zach was an accomplished athlete and was nationally ranked as an amateur wrestler in high school. His family describes him as organized, considerate, compassionate, driven, strong and caring. A small example of Zach’s compassion took place overseas where he rescued a puppy from some Afghan children who were not properly caring for it. He traded the puppy for a pen and a chocolate bar and was able to find the puppy a new home. Zach had a large heart and a deep soul. Zach McCormack was 21 years of age when he was killed.