We understand our most important resource is with the people who make us successful

Our Commitment to our people

We work hard to guarantee our employee’s personal and corporate success. We believe that when they succeed, we succeed.



Balanced Lives

At Muth Electrical Management Inc. we strive to ensure a healthy balance is maintained between our employee’s professional and personal lives.

Professional Development

Muth Electrical Management Inc. believes that our employees should receive professional encouragement and instruction. We do so by providing high quality in-house training and industry accredited up-grading initiatives.

Personal Growth

Muth Electrical Management Inc. rewards and recognizes employees for excellence.

Supportive Climate

Muth Electrical Management Inc. promotes a work environment that values loyalty and care for persons over projects.

Employee Pride

We value the pride for Muth Electrical Management Inc. that exists among our employees. Muth Electrical Management Inc. recognizes that the culture of excellence we are known for on the project is, once again, fixed closely to the believability, accountability and professionalism of our employees.


Watch our video

This short video will show you some of the ways that Muth Electrical brings “Excellence with People” to the workplace.


Award Winning Excellence

When you raise the bar to a standard of excellence, you get noticed. Muth Electrical has been honored to receive several major awards in their industry over the years.

In memory of Corporal Zack McCormack

It is with profound sadness that we said goodbye to one of our 2nd Year Electrical apprentices’ on Dec. 30, 2009. Zach came to work for Muth Electrical Management Inc. on Sept 4, 2007. He was young and full of drive to learn the trade and be successful.