PCL Construction Management, Inc. has worked together with Muth Electrical Management Inc. on several design build warehouse, shop, and office projects. We are very satisfied with the level of service provided by Muth Electrical – from the proposal stage, through design, estimation and construction. We would not hesitate to work with the Muth Electrical Management Team again.


Yours truly,



Russell Bridgeman, C.E.T., G.S.C.
Senior Construction Manager

To Whom It May Concern:


I am a General Contracting, Contract/Project Manager for an Edmonton based General Building Contractor, and have worked as such for over 25 years on numerous projects all over Alberta, and Saskatchewan.


I am writing this letter of recommendation, unsolicited. I have had the opportunity and honor to work with a Sub Contractor that has proven excellence in every area of the Electrical Sub Contracting field. Muth Electrical Management Inc. has exceeded and proven unsurpassed excellence in their field.


Muth has proven they truly understand the meaning of teamwork. They have also proven exceptional excellence in Quality, Professionalism, Experience, Accountability and Believably.


Muth possessed the ability to make existing plans work and the invaluable quality required to modify existing plans to suit or assist in creating entirely new plans for the benefit of all concerned.


Muth extends their assistance to Clients, Consultants, General Contractors and Fellow Sub Contractors alike. Teamwork for the mutual benefit of all truly is an everyday part of their firm.


In closing, I wish to extend my personal recommendation to any interested party, that Muth is unsurpassed as an Electrical Trade Contractor. I would not hesitate to retain Muth Electrical Management Inc. as an Electrical Trade Contractor on any current or future projects.


Yours truly,
Frank Andreas

In our new relationship with Muth Electrical Management we are pleased to find that Muth Electrical has been able to meet and exceed our high expectations for a major sub-trade. We demand excellence in the following areas: site safety, site cleanliness, and site organization. We also require that sub-trades have above average managerial staff and onsite supervision. Not everyone can meet our standards but Muth Electrical continues to do so in the following areas:


Muth Electrical’s staff has always met construction deadlines. The electrical work performed by Muth has consistently complied with contractual agreements and the quality of work has exceeded industry standards. The construction industry rises and falls on the capacity to work together and Muth Electrical demonstrates the ability to be a top team player.




Ron Mackie
Kalen Construction Management and Project Management

I see life on a grand scale and the ventures I am developing reflect that same outlook. Muth Electrical Management has the capacity to see the big picture with me and at the same time attend to the numerous details required for success.


Muth Electrical’s ability to remain competitive without compromising integrity and workmanship is a good reason to continue our relationship.




Reza Mostashari

Langham Properties