A Man With a Vision…

The Muth Electrical story begins with Don Muth himself. Don began his electrical career in 1972, earning his Master Electrician Certificate in 1978. At that time, Don began to take on supervisory and project management positions. Out of that experience, Muth Electrical Management Inc. was incorporated in 1995.


Love Changes Everything

1997 brought about real changes for Muth Electrical – and for Don Muth! He and Doreen were married, and Doreen joined the company as office manager, also taking on accounting responsibilities. Muth Electrical became a full-service contractor.
Doreen’s involvement is key. Her participation gave Don the time and resources to grow the business, secure new customers, and coach the managerial team.


Humble Beginnings

Muth Electrical now has head offices on the south side of Edmonton, but their first office? A fold-out table from Office Depot in the Muth basement! They hired their first employee, Craig Komant, followed soon after by Russ and Darren Gabert.

Within 1 ½ years they were out of the basement and into their first office at 9225 – 58 Ave. Not long after, they grew out of that office, and in 2001, bought their present location – and continue to grow and excel.


Excellence Recognized

A quick look at the awards and recognition Muth Electrical has received in the public arena will confirm that Muth Electrical is truly “wired for excellence”.

2004 saw Don Muth both honored and humbled to receive the Small Business Owner of the Year Award for a company with between 11 and 50 employees. It was especially sweet that Muth’s banker nominated the company. Don reflects, “They’ve really applauded our growth. It presents a huge aspect of accountability and raises the bar in our industry to grow and excel.”

In 2005, Financial Post Business included an article profiling Muth Electrical in their October issue. They reported that, “Muth Electrical has grown to become one of the only local electrical contractors capable of tackling the 200-suite behemoths springing up on Edmonton’s skyline.” They also recognized that Muth’s strength is in its people, noting that, “To retain workers, Muth has turned construction’s traditional macho culture on its head. At Muth Electrical, there are management retreats, where foremen learn how to be more effective leaders. There are annual fishing trips and golf tournaments, where outstanding employees win cash awards. For families, there are barbecues and ski weekends —even a Christmas dinner for those celebrating away from home”. People certainly are the driving force at Muth Electrical.


Service Beyond Expectations

We should first take a look at what has brought Muth Electrical all of this attention over the years. Of course, the work is excellent – but it goes beyond that. Muth has been heavily involved in their community since day one.

Don sits on a special community oriented board of directors, and he’s also involved with Merit Contractor’s Association – created to improve working conditions, training programs and benefits for construction workers. Muth supports a coordinated approach with Alberta’s Registered Apprenticeship Program, helping students learn a trade alongside their high school Diploma.

Don believes that those who work with their hands, whether they make a career of the trades or use them as a stepping stone, always benefit by learning valuable skills that last a lifetime.


Wired For a Future of Excellence

Right from Don’s initial vision to the Muth Electrical of today, this company is truly “wired for excellence”. That excellence, with both people and projects, has brought Muth Electrical where it is today. Helped it succeed. And it will carry Muth Electrical into a great future.


Don Muth – Founder & President


Humble Beginnings


2004 Small Business Owner of the Year Award


2005 Financial Post Business