Committed to Wiring Excellence in Everything We Do

Our Values


Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are the foundation of Muth Electrical: to always do the right thing whether or not it is seen or appreciated.

Personal and Professional Excellence

Muth Electrical recognizes that the excellence we are known for is tied to the believably, accountability and professionalism of our team.

Pride and Mutual Respect

Muth Electrical is proud of its employees and works hard to guarantee their success. We take pride in the healthy relationships we have with partnering trades and contractors. Muth Electrical believes that when employees, partnering trades and contractors succeed, we succeed.

Unlimited Company Growth and Development

Muth Electrical believes in pursuing every opportunity for growth. Growth comes from leading our team well and managing our resources wisely.

Award Winning Excellence

When you raise the bar to a standard of excellence, you get noticed. Muth Electrical has been honored to receive several major awards in their industry over the years.

Stories of Excellence

Read some of our great success stories our clients have sent us over the years. Also be sure to read our success stories with specific commercial, design/build, maintenance, high-rise, low-rise, industrial and institutional projects.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of electrical contracting and management services in the Canadian marketplace.
To promote accountability.
To educate for a culture of professionalism.
To model honesty.
To pursue integrity.
To build a culture marked by financial success.
To invest generously in our team, partnering businesses, and surrounding communities recognizing them to be valuable allies.
To foster dignity in the community and workplace.



Core Ideology


PURPOSE – Why do we exist?

To Empower the Future

VALUES – How will we behave?

Always raise the bar.

The power of two or more is better than one.

Do the right thing every time.

Recognize accomplishments.

Operating today with tomorrow in mind.